We are born

We are three friends from three different states of India; with different mother tongues, of different food habits, of different faiths... everything different except one passion, that is 'India'.

Our association was a natural reflection of the diversity of our own heritage and culture in which we are deeply rooted. Our interactions in the initial days tended always to converge towards one goal; the desire to share our gegraphical and cultural knowledge of our beloved country with the outside world. That is how 'Rangoli Tours Pvt. Ltd.' came into being.

We Believe in

We were thinking of writing a short story about us but thought otherwise later on. Tall talks mean nothing unless there are proper actions behind them to prove it. So we strive to provide meticulous personalized services and the capacity to offer our professional expertise and physical presence when it is most needed.

Our Principles

We live certainly in a modern world but we draw our energy and inspirations from our traditions. Since childhood we have been living with the custom which says - " Athithi Devo Bhava" which means 'Treat your guest as God'. Since we grew with it, It could not change with time in us. Following this single principle we have earned the trust and appreciation of some dignitaries like the Presidential & Prime Ministerial Delegations of CHIRAC, SARKOZY, RAFFARIN and many more. We also have to our credit some team building & Business delegations like UBI, France as well as some luxury cruises.

The Name Rangoli

Rangoli, the name itself signifies - the many beautiful colours brought into a drawing just as so we present the multi colured India as a beautiful potrait before you!. Rangoli turns into a mirror presenting India, Nepal & Bhutan in its different & myriad colours.

The Individual We....


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Passionate about travelling, Abhey entered the world of travel and tourism in 1996.He has a postgraduate degree in French from Central institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad in India, followed by an intensive course in French from the University Stendhal, Grenoble, France. Abhay is presently looking after the international sales & marketing of the company.

He is discreet, efficient and adapts himself to all kinds of situations. With his mild mannerisms and a sweet smile combined with a highly professional attitude, he will surely help you understand India in it`s true sense.


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Afzal is from Agra, the home to the eternal Taj Mahal, the Red Fort and so many other monuments. He grew up with this fascinating heritage by his side. So the natural flair for tourism is somewhat innate in him.

Although the necessities in life saw him go through a bachelor's degree in science and a diploma in computer programming, he hopped into the travel industry at the very first opportunity as a programmer in a reputed travel company in Agra in 1994.

There was no looking back since then. From the programmer's post, he climbed up the ladder of important posts of Operations Manager, Director operations before concentrating on his brainchild 'Rangoli Tours'.

Afzal is soft spoken, jovial but discreet and is 'the man' behind the scenes. Now that you know him, we will make sure that your 'pat' of appreciation reaches his back..........


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Arnab started his career as a hotelier in the Front Office of a big hotel in Kolkata. The constant interactions with the international guests gave birth in him, the passion to share and show the culture and heritage of his country to the outside world. He entered in the travel & tourism industry in 1997 after having the Superior Diploma in French from Alliance Française.

Arnab loves to be on the field and is a man of outdoor missions. Thanks to his experience of extensive tours in India and his critical views of a hotelier, he is truly a barman whose pleasure is to make sumptuous cocktails, of tours off course.

Arnab is presently looking after the international sales & marketing of the company. He is attentive, meticulous, efficient and adapts himself to all kinds of situations